Year Founded 2016




2018  Visionary Leadership Awards (Cinequest : Silicon Valley)

2018  Best VR Film : Speed Kills VR (Cinequest : Silicon Valley)

2018  Best VR Sci-Fi Film : The Humanity Bureau (Cinequest)

2018  Best Entertainment Mobile App : OneTouchVR (MUSE)

  • Travis Cloyd is an Entrepreneur and Producer developing innovative entertainment technology.  He is President of Observe Media Inc., creating immersive experiences within film and sports. He won the 2018 Visionary Leader Award at Cinequest Film VR Festival in Silicon Valley along side Nicolas Cage whom won the 2018 Maverick Spirit Award. He won the 2018 Entertainment Mobile Application of the Year at the MUSE Awards in New York and multiple other VR Film Awards for his past cinematic VR content.

  • He has been mentioned and quoted in Forbes, Rolling Stone, TechCrunch, VentureBeat, Wareable, Variety, Deadline, Hollywood Reporter and many more top publications for his workings in immersive content.

  • A diversely talented entrepreneur, he started his first company while in college and spent the next decade running digital advertising and marketing campaigns, before producing a number of events that led to his entrance into, and fervor for, entertainment technology. In 2013 he built a human interaction video motion tracking app that expanded his view on the future of entertainment and potentially the type of content audiences will engage.

  • Travis has consulted, produced and marketed with many top brands such as Reliance Jio, Toyota, Entertainment One and Universal to name a few. He has created content in the form of movies, documentaries, social ads, music concerts, digital display’s and sports events such as Daytona 500 and the 2019 Fiesta Bowl.

  • He has lead many marketing and public relations efforts over the last decade for a variety of campaigns. He has also developed custom mobile applications and movie themed environments using Unity that were featured on Google and Oculus. He has created VR content with celebrities such as John Travolta, Nicolas Cage, Shah Rukh Khan, Wesley Snipes, Christina Ricci, A.R. Rahman, John Cusack, Jennifer Esposito, Kellan Lutz, Katheryn Winnick, Jordi Molla, James Remar, Matthew Modine and billionaire business tycoon Mukesh Ambani.

  • Travis specializes in organizing, managing, producing and directing fast-paced, action-oriented experiences, PR campaigns, marketing efforts and digital content. All focused on fan awareness and cutting edge engagement strategies. A testament to his dynamic leadership and creativity he was the first to launch a mobile application experience across all VR platforms to showcase multi-media feature content in a custom themed environment that included 2D, 3-screen, 360 films and behind the scenes content within one central hub.

  • He speaks on panels to discuss the many uses of XR from the use of VR in cinema, full spherical story-telling, sports, brands, training, music, careers, education and much more. He has spoken on panels at Fox Studio, Mandalay Bay, Scripts Center, Art Center, Biola University, Pepperdine University, Full Sail University and for events such as the VRAR Association Global Summit, Digital Hollywood, Orlando iX, FOIL Conference and so on.

  • A former scholar athlete, Travis is Alumni ’04 of Arizona State University after studying Business and Sociology.

  • He is a member of the VRAR Association, Orlando Innovations Group (OIG) and VRWorldTV in Malaysia. He resides between California and Florida. He spends his free time working with organizations like NOAA and traveling to meet with advisors, Universities, developers, industry experts, platforms and other creators all with an effort to expand these emerging mediums in entertainment and stay educated on today's leading innovations.

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