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Travis Cloyd


Travis Cloyd is an esteemed Global Futurist and distinguished Professor at the Thunderbird School of Global Business Management, an integral part of Arizona State University (ASU), where he earned his Masters in Global Management degree. With Thunderbird consistently securing the top position globally for its Masters in Management and International Trade program, and ASU leading the nation in innovation, Travis Cloyd stands as a proud alumnus of both institutions.  He is a prominent figure in the entertainment technology community, celebrated for his award-winning contributions and visionary insights.


Having completed his undergraduate studies at ASU, he holds a dual degree in Business and Sociology, reflecting his diverse academic interests and his early foundation in understanding the intersection of people and commerce. His academic journey came full circle as he pursued his postgraduate education at Thunderbird, deepening his understanding of global management principles.


In his role as Senior Advisor to the Dean and active participation on the Emerging Trend & AI committee, he plays a pivotal role in shaping the strategic direction of the institution. Leveraging his extensive expertise, he guides Thunderbird towards a future-driven approach in global business education.


As a Professor of Practice, he is dedicated to imparting knowledge in cutting-edge domains. He adeptly teaches courses on Metaverse & Global Economy, delving into the dynamic landscape of interconnected virtual spaces, and Technology & Intellectual Property, where he navigates the complexities of innovation protection and its impact on the global economy. His commitment to education extends across borders as he splits his valuable time between the vibrant ASU/Thunderbird campuses of downtown Phoenix and downtown Los Angeles.


Prior to his current role, Travis Cloyd held the prestigious position of inaugural Futurist in Residence at the Florida International University (FIU) in Miami, Florida, a testament to his visionary thinking. Additionally, he held the position of Adjunct Professor at FIU and also served as the founding Director of iSTAR (Immersive Studio for Altered Reality), a pioneering hub for exploring altered realities through immersive technology. His contributions were recognized with the highest honor, the FIU Medallion, bestowed upon him during the 2021 fall commencement ceremony.


From his undergraduate years at ASU to earning his Masters in Global Management from Thunderbird, and his unwavering dedication to the pursuit of knowledge, along with his commitment to pushing the boundaries of education and technology, stand as a testament to his profound impact on shaping the future of education and business in a rapidly evolving world. Furthermore, his distinguished presence extends beyond academia as he is an active member of the Producers Guild of America (PGA) and the Global Blockchain Business Council (GBBC). Travis Cloyd's influential voice resonates on the industry stage as an accomplished speaker at major events and his insights have been sought by prominent media outlets various other major networks, underscoring his significant contributions to both academia and the broader global discourse.



Thunderbird School of Global Business Management



Florida International University


Arizona State




- Metaverse & The Global Enterprise 

- Enterprise Technologies & Intellectual Property 


DIRECTOR OF iSTAR (Immersive Studio for Altered Reality


- Intro to XR Class 

Undergraduate Degree in Business & Sociology

Scholar Student Athlete 

Graduated May 2004 

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